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SINGAPORE: A new industry transformation wholesale halloween costumes map for the wholesale trade industry which aims to help companies digitalise to enhance global growth and productivity was unveiled by Minister for Trade and Industry S Iswaran on Wednesday (Sep 6).

The swimwear manufacturer China roadmap targets to create 10,000 new jobs by 2020.

Trade agency wholesale swimwear IE Singapore said the wholesale trade industry comprises more than 34,000 firms and provides livelihoods for more than 325,000, accounting for 9 per cent of Singapore's workforce in 2016.

The industry deals with business-to-business transaction of goods such as electronics, pharmaceutical items, food and commodities.

Companies within the industry exist throughout the supply chain, including brand owners, agents, brokers, distributors, and the trading arms of manufacturers and retailers.


Strong demand for infrastructure and the rise of consumerism in the region are expected to drive the growth of the wholesale trade industry in Singapore, said Mr Iswaran.

"This will spur the region's demand for goods such as food, infrastructure, fuel and smart devices, all of which will catalyse trade and trade value-added services," he said.

However, being externally oriented, the industry is also susceptible to headwinds from the region. Ms April Lim, who is head of market and business development at Raduga, said currency movements and political climate are key things the company looks out for.

Citing the example of India, Ms Lim said: "With their demonetisation, that affects demand and supply in that particular country which then flows to other countries."


It is a really iconic brand. Can you just give us wholesale halloween costumes a really brief overview of how it came about. Because you've got one of those really relatable stories of starting out on the dining table and then growing to something that is now world renowned.

Sean Ashby: I think it's like anyone who wholesale halloween costumes has their own business. They were working for someone else to start with, and mine I was working in the corporate end and in marketing and worked my way up the corporate ladder to the top, and when I got to the top I realised it wasn't just about what I loved it was about politics and everything else that comes with it. And that wasn't me. So I ended up on the beach thinking I'm gonna have a change of life and I'm gonna become a personal trainer and all these things. Then I realised that's not what I wanted to do, I wanted to do marketing. But by that stage the industry I worked in, technology, had evolved, and I actually was undervalued ... couldn't get a job ... or I was overqualified in other industries.

At that time I used to wear a certain wholesale swimwear style of swimwear, and one day went to the shops, couldn't buy it. Very disappointed. Decided this can't be that hard, I'll make it myself. So hence that's what I did. And then I made it for friends, and then from there I thought, hang on, if you can't buy this in stores I'll go to the retail stores and sell it. At that point retail said who the heck are you and who would buy this and no one buys this and go away. And I did, and I went back to my home and built myself a website and went to a bookstore and bought an e-commerce software solution and built that and then started selling it direct to consumers, customers.

From there up today, you're talking over swimwear manufacturers $150 million in sales and a business that is now.