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Rex Ryan just went from lastto second place in the AFC East. That doesn't mean he's any closer to catching his nemesis who remains firmlyin first.The Bills named Ryan their head coach Monday, replacing Doug Marrone. Ryan chose them over Falcons, becomingthe first 2015 hirejust two weeks after the Jets fired him.In other words, he just couldn't quit resist the chanceto once again try Dion Jordan Jersey andget the better of Bill Belichick and Patriots twice a year.MORE: Leading candidates for openings | Must-see photos | Report: Jets want QuinnIt's easy to see why Buffalo appealed to Ryan. In a word, defense. As a defensive-minded coach, everything is better than it was with the Jets. He goes from the No. 6 total defense to No. 4. He goes up from No. 14 to No. 3 against the pa s. He now hasthe toppa s rush in league in 2014(in terms of sacks) instead of sixth. Best of all, he inherits the No. 4 scoring defense and leaves behind No. 24.All those elements would suggest that in Buffalo, he's better equipped to foil Tom Brady. The problem is, the same i suesthat held him back in that pursuit with the Jets will follow him upstate.On the surface, 9-7 is a lot closer to AFC title-game bound New England's 12-4 than 4-12. But as he moves 250-plus miles fartheraway from Foxborough, that doesn't make the gap any smaller.Why did Atlanta seem like the better fit, until its team officials hesitated to committo Ryan? It had a legitimate franchise quarterback, something that Ryan Jordan Phillips Jersey doesn't even have a hint of in Buffalo. Heck, youknow you're in trouble there when your best potential short-term upgradeisreuniting with Mark Sanchez.That's really been the biggest failing of all of the Patriots' division foes in their attempts to be relevant behind the juggernaut.While they have all had their moments in slowing down Brady, they haven't found an actualQB to duel him. At least the Dolphins can still dream big withRyan Tannehill and the Jets can hold out a glimmer of hope for Geno Smith. The Bills already buried EJ Manuel before Ryan got there and right away, they'reheading him down the path of leaning onanother uninspiring, recycledKyle Orton-type (hello, Brian Hoyer).MORE: Ranking free agent quarterbacksIt's lookinglike Ryan willhire erstwhile 49ers a sistantGreg Romanto Xavien Howard Jersey be his offensive coordinator. That headshim down that ground and pound road again. As much as working with a Matt Ryan looked good on the outside, it was too good to be true to whatRex Ryan is.He's a conservative coach at heart whohas trouble opening things up on the other side of the ball. As brilliantas he is with blitzes and defensive scheming,his offense has always defaulted to blah, whether it's pronouncedSchottenheimer or Mornhinweg.That's not the mindset that will trump asmighty as everNew England. It requires an aggre sive and creative approach in every aspect of the game to take it to the Patriots, and Ryan already has proved he can't take it far enough.The Bills did just win in Foxboroughin Week 17, but that was against a resting, uninterested No. 1 seed. They have yet to win a meaningful gamethere in 15 non-playoffyears, the first one of the Belichick era. Since then, they are 4-26 against the Patriots.Ryan was 4-9 against the Patriots in his time with the Jets. But his best earlydays, including a playoff win, didn' Matt Darr Jersey t last long, as he ended up losing seven of his final eight vs. Belichick, trying every which game plan to beat them.Should Ryan's attitude and optimism be an upgrade to the way the Bills ran things under Marrone? Absolutely. They'll be tougher andplay harderfor a morelikeable coach. We should expect the Billsto make thewild-card noise the Jets did before the wheels came off in '14. Ryan'sthe right guy for the Billsin terms oftrying to finally get them back into the playoffs. That doesn'tmean the Patriots need to break a sweat from their division throne anytime soon.We've already see there's a limit on how much Ryan'sgreat motivation and great defense can allowhis teamsto competeNew England. Aslong as Belchick and Brady are around, that isn't changing.

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By Melissa Underwood
Added Dec 5 '17



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